Peace of Case

Peace of Case NEW (Cigarette or Stash) Tobacco Blend Pouch | Case | Wallet | Organizer

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Peace of Case is the case that can upgrade your daily tobacco rolling experience:

- It offers a compact, practical and discreet solution that comes in a variety of designs.

- Our designs were created to make you smile, no matter what is your background or where are you coming from, we want to make sure you will be able to find the case which fits you.

- In our website ( you are able to design the case you think will make you and other people smile.

- We invite you to like our Facebook & Instagram pages to keep updated with all of our new designs, events or products.

Peace of Case US


  • IT IS COMPACT | Fits right into your wallet cards slots.
  • DISCREETABLE: For SMOKERS blended tobacco uses, it contains up to 3 GRAMS!
  • IMPROVING YOUR EXPERIENCE: Our Peace of Case opens and closes easily, especially for tobacco rolling papers
  • STEADY STASH HOLDER & CONTAINER: On any flat surface, it would protect your precious blend from wind

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